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Naturally Good was started on a premise of Food and it's indulgence with Health. One of the Founders, Shakti, a techie who had spent several years in the Software Industry exposed to the glamour of overworking and a sedentary lifestyle thought to replenish life by simple living recommended by his forefathers.

There's something enchanting in the simple act of having food in an ancient way. Zero Adultured Seasonal Veggies restores the beauty of life with fountains of nutrients.

Thus, the ideology of seasonal veggies and their consumption for a robust Health emerged.

In this digital era, deeply fascinated by the ease of resources, We decided to bring the farm on the table by offering Seasonal, freshest Organic Vegetables delivered to you at your doorstep.

Just like God's every creation, Our produce is in different sizes, shapes and colors and Basks in their own imperfections...

It will ground you, fortify you and light you up.

Let nature bring the best out of you...

Why Choose Us?

With Our Highest Agriculture standards and zero adulterated produce, We pledge to be organic and traceable with the use of homegrown natural fertilisers and no artificial preservatives. Reducing environmental burden by utilizing nature's best suited season to grow colorful organic produce and reducing lengthy supply chains.

Following the slow food model, We give our seasonal produce the desired time to grow to reap the maximum benefits without jumping the natural clock with cold storages or other preservative techniques.


Our vision embodies an interplay between local farmers and consumers to create a transparent channel of giving back as much as we can to the regions of source through cooperatives and fair pricing.

Following a Self Sustained Ecosystem, All our produce uses Zero chemicals and makes no wastage. Filling the belly with nourished food reaped straight from Mother Earth. Hence, bridging the gap between consumers and their safe consumption.

We eventually want to build a Health Conscious Collective which is free from diseases and holds plentiful nutrients by consuming organic with the weather at it's best.


Our Company's Inception is to be the World Leaders in lifting the spirit and Nourishing the Heart. Every day we're working to bring our mission to life in every community we serve.

Our Team



A gold medallist in Physics from Miranda House, Delhi university and an educationist by profession. Jyotsna has explored various opportunities in sustained ecological development projects. Her work in this area has been highly appreciated in community groups. She along with her family has developed various methods to grow organic and nutritious produce by inexpensive methods by utilising household wet & recyclable waste. She focuses on building the community around Naturally Good.


Entrepreneur, Franchise Guru and a Leader. Ekansh has a decade of rich insights of brand expansion & integrated collaborations. Ekansh has helped more than 150 brands to expand through channel of franchising across the globe. Ekansh started his career with top companies like Motilal Oswal Securities Limited, Franchise India and JD Institute of Fashion & Technology. He is successfully running his franchise solutions company "franbizz Solutions" for more than 4 years now and is also associated of Supermarket retail brand Market Basket Supermart LLP. Over the years his skill set in marketing and sales has transformed many small chains into big respectable brands. Ekansh is highly focussed on spreading awareness about the benefits of Healthy eating.



Having vast experience of agritech 22+ years in designing and deploying various agri and other businesses business with his creative mind. He has delivered multiple projects in multiple countries. He has worked extensively with government both in India and abroad to establish systems and processes in the agriculture space.

His biggest strength has been in establishment of back end supply for fresh produce (meat, vegetables & groceries) where he integrated the procurement chain upto farmer level to ensure top quality products. He worked on the ground to ensure best practices to be followed during the entire lifecycle of agri production. He ensures that Naturally Good runs smoothly across all the aspects of the business.


Shakti Shankar Panda

An IT enterprise solution architect by profession, a biker & foodie in his heart. He stays at ground zero that our farm and is deeply connected with production methods and production partners to ensure top quality organically grown produce reaches your doorstep.

Shakti has dedicated the past decade to travelling & riding across countries exploring cuisines from different continents. His work in information technology is commendable and ranges from IT strategic consulting to compliance risk assessment. Alongside his vast experience skillset in analysis and management, his expertise in recommending new solutions & enhancements has made him one of the most sought-after professional in the industry. Over the years his love for food has also translated into investments in the F&B industry.



A Biology enthusiast and Humanitarian. Ananya has worked in a various projects during her studies related to F&B Industry. She acknowledged the lack of awareness regarding the nutrition and importance of appropriate supply to do so and has a clear vision in encouraging the real traditional ways to help the community by choosing the correct supply and nutrition for rich future.


We follow the Farm Aggregation model for Small Farmers that helps economies along with the value chain with no middle men, aiming them to become self-reliant and climate resilient.

Collaboration is in the Heart of Our Business. We encourage community partnerships whose values and missions align to us.

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