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Organic Vegetables in Delhi
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The difference between organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables lies in their cultivation methods. Where the use of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers is authorized in conventional agriculture, organic agriculture uses more environmentally friendly alternatives.

In organic farming, we use natural organic materials, such as manure or compost, to nourish the earth. In order to respect the natural cycle of plants, we also favour crop rotations and manual and mechanical weeding.

To prevent the proliferation of insects inside crops, natural alternatives such as the use of copper, nettle manure, or mechanical barriers are put in place. All of these actions aim to respect nature, preserve land from pollution and limit the release of polluting chemical substances into the air. In organic farming, emphasis is also placed on balancing the soil in order to grow food as naturally as possible.

How to Recognize Organic Vegetables in Delhi?

In front of the shelves of stores and supermarkets, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate organic products from conventional fruits and vegetables.

The first tip to recognize them is to check for the presence of a naturally good organic label. Visually, organic fruits and vegetables are sometimes less regular and less standardized than conventional products. Generally, the thinner a fruit or vegetable's skin, the more easily pesticide residues get inside. The organic vegetables to favour are spinach, celery, peppers, and endives. Potatoes are often treated with pesticides, so it is recommended to choose organic ones as well.

In order to offer fair prices for everyone, Organic Vegetables in Delhi is committed to both the consumer and the producer.

Organic Vegetables in Delhi remains the place of choice for purchasing organic fruits and vegetables. You can also get your supplies from local associations, which choose to promote short circuits by offering a selection of products every week.

Organic farming avoids the use of phytosanitary products, which are harmful to all living beings and responsible for numerous diseases within the population. Indeed, the use of pesticides first contaminates the air we breathe, which can be particularly dangerous for people living near agricultural land.

Why buy Organic Vegetables in Delhi?

By offering fair prices and local, seasonal fruits and vegetables, Organic Vegetables in Delhi chooses to defend a sustainable agricultural model, limiting pollution and helping to preserve natural resources. We support the development of responsible, committed, positive, and virtuous organic agriculture, and we apply these same values in all our stores. So, come to our stores to discover our vegetables!